Centrum podnikání, ZČU FEK


What we do?

  • Information service and consulting on entrepreneurship for students of UWB.
  • Active work with students in the area of entrepreneurship, development of entrepreneurial potential and sustainable approach.
  • Preparation and implementation of themed workshops/seminars, competitions etc.
  • Support of sustainable entrepreneurship.
  • Providing of social responsible and sustainable activities at the Faculty of Economics of the University of West Bohemia.
  • Research activity in the field of entrepreneurship, sustainability and social responsibility.
  • Support and participation in thematically appropriate project activities.


For whom we are here?

  • For every single student who consider entrepreneurial career.
  • For representatives of public, private or non-profit sector who would like to cooperate with us and students on interesting project possibilities.


What do we offer?

  • Information about entrepreneurship environment and sustainable approach.
  • Possibility to get in touch with people who understand how to do business and sustainability.
  • Cooperation on interesting projects.
  • Inspirative workshops and meetings.